Department of Public Health Online Form - Cottage Food Operation - Class B Permitting Form
Cottage Food Operation - Class B Permitting Form

Type of permit*
New Renewal
If you are renewing, please provide your current permit number.
Permit Number 
Have you obtained planning approval to operate as a CFO from the City/County Planning Department?*
Yes No

Business Name*
Owner Name*
Email Address 

Mailing Address (If different

Water Source
Please check what type of water source will be used in Cottage Food Facility*
City Water Private Well
Note: If the CFO is serviced by a private well, the water shall be tested by an approved laboratory analysis to verify that it meets State water quality standards for bacteriological and primary inorganic chemicals. Approval to operate will be granted after submitting recent (within 3 months) laboratory results to this Department.
Disposal of Waste
Please check what type of treatment is used to dispose of waste*
Public Sewer Service Private Septic System

The following are the food products allowed in a CFO operation. Please check the items you will be preparing and/or selling. *
Baked Goods
Dried Mole Paste
Fruit Empanadas
Dried Pasta
Dry Baking Mixes
Herb Blends
Fruit Tamales/Pies
Nut Butter/Nut Mixes
Sweet Sorghum Syrup
Dried Tea/Roasted Coffee
Waffle Cones
Chocolate Covered Nonperishable Foods
Dried Fruit/Nuts
Trail Mix
Fruit Butter
List all the food products by their common name(s) including all the varieties (ex. Cakes, Chocolate Cake, Lemon Cake, etc.)*
Prohibited Items
Foods containing cream, custard, or meat fillings are potentially hazardous and are not allowed. Only foods that are defined as "non-potentially hazardous" are approved for preparation by a Cottage Food Operation (CFO). These are food items that do not require refrigeration to keep them safe from bacterial growth that could be a cause of food-borne illness.
Enter your initials here if you agree with the above statement *

Fill in the days and times the CFO will be open*
Approved areas of CFO within the house (i.e. kitchen, dining room, etc.) *
Food Processor Course
Within 3 months of being approved to operate by the Environmental Health Division, please provide proof of completion of the required California Department of Public Health (CDPH) food processor course. The website for CDPH is
Enter your initials here if you agree with the above statement*
I understand that I may not have more than one full-time equivalent cottage food employee, not including a family member or household member of the cottage food operator, within the permitted area of a private home where the cottage food operator resides and where cottage food products are prepared or packaged for direct and indirect sale to consumers.
Enter your initials here if you agree with the above statement*
Gross Annual Sales
I understand that I will lose my CFO status and will need to become permitted in a commercial facility if my CFO business exceeds the following gross annual sales figures for the calendar years in the following table:
Calendar Year Gross Annual Sales
In 2013$35,000
In 2014$45,000
In 2015$50,000

Enter your initials here if you agree with the above statement*

Labeling Requirements

A sample label will be provided to this Department for review and approval. 

I agree to grant access to the local health department to conduct an inspection of my cottage food operation's primary domestic residence housing the CFO during normal business hours, during the hours specified on the permitting form, or at other reasonable times, for the purposes of inspection or complaint investigation including the collection of food samples.

In addition, I agree to notify Los Angeles County Environmental Health prior to modifying my food list, type of operation, and/or method of selling, distributing, or otherwise providing my CFO products to the consumer or retailers regardless of whether or not the product is sold, consigned or given away.
Enter your initials here if you agree with the above statement*

Cottage Food Operator
Class B Permitting Form completed and submitted by 

Note:In order to begin the application review process, you are required to submit a non-refundable permit fee. Please read the instructions in the reply message for further detail after submitting this application.
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